How is a 4WD tyre different from a regular car tyre?


Australia is a 4wheel drive country with 4WD vehicles and tyres to get off the beaten track and explore its culture. 4 Wheel drive vehicles (4WD) employ all four wheels for individual movement over a terrain. So, to enhance the vehicle’s motion and safety during use, 4WD vehicles use special tyres built for the particular road conditions. These tyres are different from those of the regular tyres that we use commonly in our cars.


How is a 4WD tyre different from a regular car tyre?

There are 3 basic types of 4 wheel drive tyres, which include highway terrain (HT) tyres, mud terrain (MT) tyres, and all terrain (AT) tyres. A highway terrain tyre looks almost similar to a regular car tyre in terms of their determined use on city roads. Mud terrain tyres are specifically geared towards mud applications for easy movement. All terrain tyres can take off-road, and also take the pavement.

Let us see each type of 4WD tyres and how it differs from a regular tyre.

a. Highway terrain (HT) tyres:

These tyres are mainly designed to be used at high speeds, and more often, a sporty driving style. Since they are mainly designed to use on high speed, they feature a soft rubber component for improved traction control. However, there is a disadvantage of having this soft rubber; the tread life of HT tyres is very short.

The tread pattern found in highway terrain tyres tend to be shallower and less aggressive than AT tyres, and so the ability to handle mud and dirt is very less. So as a whole, a Highway terrain tyre is very similar to a regular passenger car tyres that are often used in sealed roads across the country.

b. All Terrain (AT) tyres:

The all-terrain 4x tyres cater to the need of almost all 4WD vehicle owners in the country. These tyres have stiff sidewalls for greater resistance against puncture when travelling off road. This is the perfect tyre for vehicle owners who want comfort on the highway and also have the ability to take on the odd track. The tread pattern found in AT tyres have wider spacing and are more aggressive compared to regular tyres and HT tyres. Wider tread pattern allows for easy removal of mud from the tread by means of centrifugal force when driving. Whilst being more aggressive than Regular and HT tyres, All Terrain tyres are still designed to be used on-road without any adverse problems. The extra aggression that is normally found in AT tyres indicates that they are able drive on rough roads as easily as possible. However, if you are going for a serious, heavy duty four wheel driving, then AT tyres may not help you. In that case, you may require heavy duty Mud terrain tyres.

Using AT 4WD tyres will allow you to drive thousands of kilometres on the highway and also explore some off-road destinations. A quiet and decent off-road performance, and a grip on the bitumen is what an AT tyre provides to its user.

c. Mud terrain (MT) 4WD tyres:

Mud terrain tyres are primarily made for hard core off-road driving conditions. They have aggressive, deep, open tread design having any void areas. These void areas are open enough that the mud that collects in the grooves are thrown out through the centrifugal force, leaving them open to provide grip as they roll back down into the goo. MT tyres tend to be wider than regular and other 4WD tyres. This is to prevent the vehicle from sinking deep into the mud by spreading the weight of the vehicle over a greater area.

MT tyres are very knobby and can often create noise and provide uncomfortable driving conditions at high speeds when used on-road. So, inexperienced drivers who use MT tyres on-road should take care to better understand the handling characteristics of MT tyres when used at high speed.

Choosing the right 4WD tyre for your vehicle:

When it comes to tyre replacement, price tends to be the deciding factor for many of us. In addition, looks count a lot too. However, there are two important factors that should be given due consideration when choosing 4WD tyres for your vehicle. Consider for what purpose you will be actually using the tyres, and the second one is safety.

How much off-road driving do you actually do? This is the first thing to consider when choosing the right tyre for your four wheel drive vehicle. If you spend more time on-road, then Mud terrain tyres are completely inappropriate for your vehicle. MT tyres are a good choice for your vehicle, only when you spend a vast majority of the time off-road. In fact, MT tyres offer poor road grip, which is dangerous especially in wet, slippery roads. MT tyres wear out faster compared to regular or AT tyres. They also create undesirable noises on-road, especially after they wear down.

So, if you are spending at least 80 percent of your time off-road, then MT tyres are the best choice.

All Terrain tyres are best for 4WD vehicles that spend around 60% of the time on-road, and 40% off-road. In addition, AT tyres perform well in almost all terrains like, sand, rocks, and light mud situations. They also provide better grip on the road than MT tyres.

Highway terrain tyres are the best if you are spending more than 90% of your time on-road. HT tyres provide superior grip on the tarmac, especially on wet roads.

Choosing the right 4Wd tyres for your vehicle is a daunting task. However, spending a little time thinking about exactly what you will be using your tyres for and considering the above mentioned factors, you can make your decision quite easily.


Australia is very famous for its 4WD vehicles, and most people explore the country by travelling in their 4WD vehicle. The best tyres to be used on a 4WD vehicle often depend on the sort of trip being planned. 4WD tyres, unlike regular tyres have aggressive tread patterns that allow them to ride smoothly on tough roads. While most 4WD vehicles are fitted with HT tyres, they are not best suited for some serious off road conditions. For serious 4 wheel driving, an AT or MT tyres make the perfect compromise.


The Cost of Going Green with Hybrid Cars

q5 hybrid silver
Audi Q5 Hybrid

The growing concern for the environment is motivation enough for ordinary citizens to think of ways to reduce their carbon footprint. One of the modern innovations that can help address this concern is the hybrid cars. These are vehicles that make use of a combination of gasoline and electric powered engines.

Hybrid cars are known for their low levels of emission as well as the increased fuel efficiency compared to the usual internal combustion engine vehicles. However, the price of hybrid cars is usually higher than that of their fuel cars counterparts. Which raises the question, how much are you willing to pay for fuel efficiency and for saving the environment?

Hybrid car prices can range from a little over $18,000 to as much as over $100,000 depending on the make and model of the car. The list of the most affordable ones include Honda Insight, Honda Civic Hybrid, Toyota Camry, Toyota Prius Liftback, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, Kia Optima Hybrid, Chevrolet Malibu Eco, and Ford Fusion Hybrid. There are also luxury brands that carry hybrid models which also come with a hefty price tag. Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Lexus are some of the noteworthy brands that make you go green with style.

The acquisition cost or the price tags on these hybrid vehicles are just initial considerations when it comes to weighing the cost of switching to these eco-friendly cars. You should also look into maintenance and repair costs that may be incurred in owning such vehicles. Compare it with the savings that you’ll get from fuel efficiency, tax breaks and your value for the environment before committing to the switch.

Some of the prices and maintenance cost of hybrid cars may be a bit expensive for some. However, there are also practical benefits that can be used to offset such costs. As these vehicles become more popular, the price of hybrid cars along with the other incidental expenses that come with it are also expected to go down.

Important Points in Finding the Best Auto Loan

It is exciting to hold the key of your brand new car. However, the most challenging part is the process of paying it. You can either buy a new car paid in cash – full or installment basis. It depends upon your preference. You can also settle with an Auto Loan.

There are six points to consider when getting an Auto Loan. Putting these in ming can make you drive anywhere knowing that you took the right deal for you.

Manage your Credit. It is ideal for you to assess your credit before applying for a loan. This is the initial step for acquiring the best deal for your car. In some countries, they are offering their client for free credit report, if it happens that your desired firm can provide you this, you should use it as your resources. You should check the details and do something if it needs you to fix it. Presence of errors or bad credits will influence your loan rate.

Identify how far you can spend. You should assess your capability to pay the rates for loan. Ideally, there are people who can help you with this, but it is best if you can track your budget depending on the extent of your convenience. This way, you can organize your payments in the future.

Look at the Actual Scenario. There are times that people who wanted to loan from lending banks would prefer low down payments. Probably because this is much affordable for now. However, if you try to compute the extent of the succeeding payments, you will find out that it is much expensive than the usual market value. Sometimes it is better to settle with higher down payment because the interest rates are lesser compare to low down payments.

Consider Auto Insurance. Ask the lending firm if they are requiring their clients to avail of insurances. This is referred to life and disability insurance coverage. The purpose for this is to provide an assurance for the lending corporation in terms of payment if in case that you have suffered from unfortunate events.

Look for alternatives. It is appreciated to stay in one source but it is much appreciated if you try to ask and check other lending firm that can offer you with this loan. You might found out that your chosen lending firm does not offer you the best deals.

Avoid penalties. You have to make sure that you can meet the requirements and criteria for paying. Ask your chosen lending firm if their payment is flexible. Avoid extra charges as much as possible. This can cause you more expenses and it is not reasonable anymore.

A Different Kind of Chase – Volvo Trucks versus Bulls in Spain


Ever wanted to run with the bulls but too afraid of actually getting hit? Even if it’s your first time to put your bravery and agility to the test, nothing could be more important than living another day to tell about it.

Driving a Volvo truck is more or less the closest thing you could get to doing it without risking getting skewered by the bull’s horns. 😛 If you never thought a 12-tonne truck can be maneuvered through winding, narrow streets, then Volvo wants you to rethink again as seen in the video below.

In their latest attempt to demonstrate the capability of their product range, the small and agile Volvo FL took to the narrow, serpentine roads of Ciudad Rodrigo, home of the original Running of the Bulls or encierro. Driven by precision driver Rob Hunt, the red-painted truck maneuvered through skillfully despite the given landscape and added pressure of being chased by a herd of 800 kg bulls!

If you aren’t familiar with the encierro, it is a Spanish practice, that has gained worldwide fame, where a group of bulls (up to a dozen) are let loose on a course of a barricaded section of a town. They are set loose from the off-site corrals where they had spent the night, to the bullring where a bullfight would occur later on.Young adults try to race in front of the bulls – bringing both fear and excitement in the practice.

Now, imagine all the hullaballoo and throw a red Volvo truck in the picture! ^_^

Directed by Oscar-nominated Henry Alex Rubin, “The Chase” is Volvo’s latest commercial, done with 28 cameras and a crew of 250 people, 50 professional bull runners and hundreds of townspeople watching on the sidelines. (Worry not, there were also  2 veterinary teams and 28 medics, complemented by 8 police teams as well.) We could see the bull runners dressed traditionally in red and white, running for their lives, other clinging on to whatever they can. Wise as they were, some decided to just jump into the truck and run with it!

Sponsored by Volvo Trucks