What Annoys Me About Driving


There’s something I envy about cavemen- and cave women, of course. Life was very simple, and all they took care of were their basic needs for survival. “Eat, sleep, and cover my privates in leaves” was probably their mantra then. They didn’t have to do this thing which I sometimes dread: DRIVE!

Today, driving is almost as essential and indispensable as, well, walking. If you want to get from here to there in as little time as possible, driving seems to be the best option. But just like anything, it’s not without its share of ups and downs.

Because of other drivers’ annoying habits, I feel I’m being driven up against a wall. One thing which really gets on my nerves is when I see some drivers texting while they’re driving. Can’t they see that they have only two hands- which should be on the steering wheel?

drift it like you’re the king of the road!

Another thing which irritates me is when I see women drivers putting on mascara while they’re behind the wheel. Again, I think they keep forgetting how many hands they have! They’re hopeless octopus wannabes.

Some drivers can be so inconsiderate when they play loud music in their cars. It’s distracting when they drive past you and catch you unawares. It’s a recipe for disaster, no doubt.

Instead of being a blessing, those Sat Nav consoles are starting to become a curse. I just hate it when I see other drivers tinkering with the Sat Nav when they should keep their eyes on the road.

Signaling is another thing most drivers tend to forget. Either that or they simply don’t care. It’s so thoughtless to not let other drivers behind you know where you’re going to turn. When they’re speeding and then make a last minute decision to turn left without signaling, for instance, that really infuriates me.

Thankfully, I don’t carry a gun with me in the car. Otherwise, I know may have used it on more than one occasion- just to put those careless drivers in place. Then again, I can just learn witchcraft and silently inflict harm on them…


A Safety Net for your Car


Car insurance is easy to buy but difficult to buy well. Many companies are willing to offer you a policy on the spot and will encourage you to simply sign up, but it’s important that you do your due diligence. There are three steps to buying car insurance that are painfully easy to overlook.

First, be honest with yourself about how much coverage you need. Depending on your personal assets, you may wish to pursue larger policies. Those of you with greater assets will want to make sure your coverage is proportional, as companies may pursue settlements in excess of your coverage.

Next, get an auto insurance quote. In fact, get several quotes. Don’t skip this step. If one company seems to have a great deal, don’t stop there. Write down the details and keep searching. Comparison shopping is the best way to get an ideal insurance policy.

Finally, be aware that there are different kinds of coverage. Comprehensive coverage will include various kinds of liability as well as theft. Collision coverage is generally the bare minimum for driving legally. Remember that insurance is more than just a legal hurdle to clear. It can protect your finances from major setbacks in the instance of vehicle-related trouble, so don’t be afraid to get a good insurance package.

Keep these things in mind before you go shopping. Insurance coverage is something that demands diligence. Don’t make a snap decision when you can get a better deal by taking your time and doing your research.

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