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Car Buying Tips to Get the Best Deal


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Are you looking for a new car? Do you plan on paying in cash or through financing? Purchasing a car in cash is the right option than having it financed. Car financing is resorted by those wanting to acquire a new car but cannot afford to pay in cash. Car companies for wanting to make a sale likewise offer car loan aside from banks. Dealers earn a commission from the sale of the car when a buyer opted to secure a loan and complete payment over a period.

Dealers are less excited if buyers pay in cash for a brand new vehicle. On the other hand, spot cash on car relieves a buyer of high interest rate and the burden of coming up with a monthly amortization.

One buying a brand new car can always negotiate with the car dealer to lower the retail price by several hundred dollars. Aim to get the best deal. There are car buying tips and approaches to get your dream car at a great price.

Smart car buying tips:

1. Short listing the type of car you wish to own.

There are many choices, but the right car is decided only after you compare and look at all the features. Features include color, accessories, and other tangibles meant to improve the look of the car. For instance, there are dealers who offer different car wraps to go with your purchase of the vehicle. However, further research may show that getting a car wrap, like a gloss black vinyl wrap, elsewhere could be cheaper than if the price were added on top of the car’s purchase price. Keep your budget in mind. Consolidate your options to come up with a list of only a few car brands and models. Compare the retail price of the cars on your list. Thereafter, make your final reconsideration for the car that appeals to you and with the price that suits your budget.

2. Have a pre-approved car loan.

Look for car financing before buying a car. Find out which institution offers the best possible interest rate. Stay away from financing options the dealer is suggesting. They have high interest rates and extended period of repayment. With ready approved loan, you can spend for the car upfront, affording you to pay for the out-the-door price and not resort to Installment.

3. Test-drive the car.

Test-drive the shortlisted cars. Read reviews of the cars from the websites of manufacturers and forums among owners of cars that you consider buying. Read more about the engine specs and mileage. Look for any good or bad feedbacks owning the car after their purchase. You are almost reaching a decision.

4. Compare price quotes.

Before doing show room hopping, give time to call several car dealers and request for them to email you a quote of the prospective car. Make a list, with the best quote on top. Call the dealer with the best quote. Ask if they can lower their price to beat a competing dealer. Take heed dealing with quotes that is unbelievable.

5. Visit showrooms on weekdays.

Go on a weekday. There are few buyers and sales persons can attend to you. The agent tries to close a sale. This is your chance to negotiate for the price to get the best deal on a new car.

6. Clarify about out-of-door price.

Out-of-door-prices are additional dealer fees usually added by dealers just when you are about to close the deal. This is a strategy to make up for the profit loss. It is crucial to ask about the exact dealer fees. Included in the out-of-door cost are TT&L (tax, title, and license), and documentation fee. While add-on fees are negotiable, you are not obligated in any way to pay on any marketing charges.

7. Trade-in or trade-off.

During the process of closing the sale for the new car, the car dealer asks about your current car and if you are interested for a trade-in. This can lower the purchasing price of the new car. However, you are cautioned not to get distracted first by a good offer on your trade-in. Finalize the price of the new car first. Then, discuss the price for the trade-in car. Deduct this from the price of the new car. What’s left becomes the basis of the sales tax you are required to pay. You made a saving on sales tax.

Here’s one final tip. Time your purchase during the off-season – winter – when sales are low. Prices are discounted to generate sale. Knowledge of car buying tips makes you smart after all.

What Annoys Me About Driving


There’s something I envy about cavemen- and cave women, of course. Life was very simple, and all they took care of were their basic needs for survival. “Eat, sleep, and cover my privates in leaves” was probably their mantra then. They didn’t have to do this thing which I sometimes dread: DRIVE!

Today, driving is almost as essential and indispensable as, well, walking. If you want to get from here to there in as little time as possible, driving seems to be the best option. But just like anything, it’s not without its share of ups and downs.

Because of other drivers’ annoying habits, I feel I’m being driven up against a wall. One thing which really gets on my nerves is when I see some drivers texting while they’re driving. Can’t they see that they have only two hands- which should be on the steering wheel?

drift it like you’re the king of the road!

Another thing which irritates me is when I see women drivers putting on mascara while they’re behind the wheel. Again, I think they keep forgetting how many hands they have! They’re hopeless octopus wannabes.

Some drivers can be so inconsiderate when they play loud music in their cars. It’s distracting when they drive past you and catch you unawares. It’s a recipe for disaster, no doubt.

Instead of being a blessing, those Sat Nav consoles are starting to become a curse. I just hate it when I see other drivers tinkering with the Sat Nav when they should keep their eyes on the road.

Signaling is another thing most drivers tend to forget. Either that or they simply don’t care. It’s so thoughtless to not let other drivers behind you know where you’re going to turn. When they’re speeding and then make a last minute decision to turn left without signaling, for instance, that really infuriates me.

Thankfully, I don’t carry a gun with me in the car. Otherwise, I know may have used it on more than one occasion- just to put those careless drivers in place. Then again, I can just learn witchcraft and silently inflict harm on them…


A Safety Net for your Car


Car insurance is easy to buy but difficult to buy well. Many companies are willing to offer you a policy on the spot and will encourage you to simply sign up, but it’s important that you do your due diligence. There are three steps to buying car insurance that are painfully easy to overlook.

First, be honest with yourself about how much coverage you need. Depending on your personal assets, you may wish to pursue larger policies. Those of you with greater assets will want to make sure your coverage is proportional, as companies may pursue settlements in excess of your coverage.

Next, get an auto insurance quote. In fact, get several quotes. Don’t skip this step. If one company seems to have a great deal, don’t stop there. Write down the details and keep searching. Comparison shopping is the best way to get an ideal insurance policy.

Finally, be aware that there are different kinds of coverage. Comprehensive coverage will include various kinds of liability as well as theft. Collision coverage is generally the bare minimum for driving legally. Remember that insurance is more than just a legal hurdle to clear. It can protect your finances from major setbacks in the instance of vehicle-related trouble, so don’t be afraid to get a good insurance package.

Keep these things in mind before you go shopping. Insurance coverage is something that demands diligence. Don’t make a snap decision when you can get a better deal by taking your time and doing your research.

big wide world, one car and you


Quick Registration Loans for Quick Cash Needs


Getting an unexpected bill can be a huge problem if you do not have the extra cash to pay for it. A sudden doctor’s bill or car repair expense can make basic things like rent and utilities difficult to pay for on time. If you are late on your payments, your creditors will alert the credit bureaus and your situation will get even worse.  If you issued post-dated checks and are unable to fund it on time, you are also going to be in trouble with those you have financial dealings with.  These are times when it would be wiser for you to turn to a loan to give you quick cash to pay for your financial obligations.

One of the quickest ways to avoid a situation like this is to get a registration loan on your car or other vehicle you own. Whether or not you’ve already paid off your car in full, registration and title loan companies like 800 Loan Mart can get you some cash to meet your emergency financial needs.  Applying for a registration loan is easy.

registration loan
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This kind of loan generally has a quick approval time and less application requirements.  Even if you have bad credit, you may still qualify for this loan. Options like this allow you to get the money you need to pay your bills on time so you can avoid late fees and dings to your credit.  The great thing about this is that you still get to keep and use your car even if you are borrowing based on its value.

When you avail of a registration loan, you have to make sure that you can manage your payments responsibly.  These are not designed to be long term loans and are therefore payable within a short period of time, usually within a year or two.  You have to find out what the penalties and charges are for late payments.  You also should make sure that you borrow only the amount that you need to settle your immediate financial obligations.

There are times when bad things happen to good people.  In these cases, there is no reason to let your credit suffer because of temporary financial setbacks brought about by unexpected events.  For as long as you are sure that you have money coming in, a registration loan is a wise option.  Getting a loan on your car is the fastest and easiest way to get cash to prevent damage to your financial record.  Once your emergency financial need has been settled, you can move on and focus on working so you can have the money to meet your loan repayments.


Porsche Macan 2014 – A Teaser Review


We all know that the 2014 Porsche Macan is coming this November, but Porsche is still hiding the car to raise the level of hype surrounding the new SUV crossover. All we have for now are teaser photos that show funky quad LED headlights. There are also speculations that the new Macan will feature two turbo engines and its base price will start at $52,000.  In addition, it will be built with the same platform used in Audi Q5 and Cayenne.

According to a Porsche insider, the 2014 Macan will share some chassis parts with the Q5, and this will include the cabin layout. However, the suspension tuning, engines and interior architecture will be unique to the Macan. It will also have three driving modes: Sport, Normal and Sport Plus. Another neat feature is its “Launch Control” which gives it the capability to distribute power between its four wheels to improve traction and handling.

porsche macan 2014
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Furthermore, recent shots of the prototype revealed an adjustable suspension, enhanced rocker switches, improved buttons, and taillights that are fully integrated into its liftgate. We can also expect that the 2014 Porsche Macan will have twin V6 engines that can pump up 290 horsepower. However, most auto enthusiasts will be interested in its 350-hp twin turbo edition. As usual, this crossover will have seven-speed automated dual-clutch, but most likely it will only be available as manual transmission.

Porsche also claimed that after the launch of its new Macan, another variant will reach the market next year and this time it will have a four-cylinder turbo engine.  Although we can only speculate that the four-cylinder variant will be available during the second quarter of 2014, and it will supersede other models in its category. Well, the small SUV crossover market is not yet saturated and they can dominate that niche with the 2014 Macan.

The sudden shift to small crossover is a big move for Porsche, but according to its parent company (Volkswagen), it’s a decision that they need to make, especially when it comes to the needs and preferences of modern auto consumers. They are convinced that a small luxury crossover like the Macan suit the lifestyle of most people living in urban settings.

As expected, the Porsche Macan 2014 will make its first appearance at the Los Angeles Auto Show this month. But it will be available for sale next spring and Porsche will release 65,000 models in its first full year of production. So, the Macan will be considered as the most popular model in their line-up.


Finding the Right Automotive Care and Repair Station


Delivering high standards and satisfying services are some of the common expectations from many automotive care and repair stations. Obviously, many cars being sold today are new and innovative models that were manufacture using only excellent standards. These cars have groundbreaking features that make them suitable for individuals looking for high-end, brand new vehicles. In line with this, the business of automotive services is very much in demand.

As a consumer, you are aware that caring for your car is very crucial. Once you car is in need of some minor or major care and repair, it is hard to decide where to go because of the abundance of care and repair stations for automobiles. Now how can you find the best car station for your needs? Here are some tips that might help you.

car inside
keeping inside spic and span

Finding the Right Automotive Care and Repair Station

  1. Look for certified credentials. The booming industry of automotive stations continuously hires adept and competent mechanics that can deliver their customer’s requests. If you live in Washington, a perfect example of this is Dc toyota care. However, not all kinds of care and repair stations for automobiles hire individuals that are specialized and certified in repairing and caring for specific automobile issues. Make sure not to forget to ask for your mechanic’s credentials.

  2. When scouting for the best care and repair station, do not limit yourself to one automotive station. This is equally important when it comes to the cost of car care and repair. Automobile care is a very competitive industry. One must understand that each station vary in terms of cost and types of services offered. Do not hesitate to ask and check the different rates of car care and repair stations in your area. Many automobile businesses offer big discounts, promos, and affordable service rates. Make sure to check all these out.

  3. If you are busy or have enough budget for your car needs, hire an automotive agency to look for appropriate car care and repair stations. Jot down all your car problems, mechanic qualifications, service expectations, and most importantly, budget range. The hired agency is the one responsible to look for the right automotive station that can guarantee good and high quality automotive services.

Alternative Option

Many skillful and well-experienced automotive mechanics do not belong in small or big automotive service business. These individuals are freelancers and they offer good and outstanding services when it comes to car care and repair.

They can be found in online communities in different automotive websites. Make sure to check their past and recent reviews regarding their rendered automotive services to previous clients before hiring them.

Automotive Care and Repair Station Checklist

  • The station must be able to provide clients their care and repair menu, tips, and techniques on maintaining their cars.

  • Staff should properly communicate with different customers via phone or in person to inform them of the nature of their automotive problems or concerns.

  • The lead mechanic should personally test drive or check the car with the presence of the car owner to double check whether there are additional automotive complications that require immediate attention.

  • They must be able to evaluate and properly explain the noted problems to the customers.

  • The staff should have the capacity to make a list of automotive problems, the estimated service cost, and the duration to complete the said automotive services.

  • The station must strictly stick to the automotive company safety standards, guidelines, and procedures.

  • The station must be able to finish the maintenance or repair of the car within the allocated period.

  • The station must be able to offer good deals with automotive service warranties.

There many automotive service stations that showcase their skills and services in the market. In fact, some of these stations, like washington Toyota care, are very close in proximity to your home. With the tips mentioned above, not only will you have a better understanding about what to look for in the right automotive care and service stations but you’ll also be able to find the best station to take care of your car.


An Affordable and Gas Efficient High Performance Car? Meet the Scion FR-S


Scion, a joint project between Toyota and Subaru, continues to make innovative designs that appeal to motoring purists as well as newcomers to the world of performance driving. The Scion FR-S is a fantastic example of amazing feats of engineering on paper that can hold their own when tested on the road.

Basic Specifications

The FR-S is geared toward a market that is interested in advanced engineering and beautiful styling. It boasts the following specifications:

  • 2.0 Liter engine
  • 200 horsepower
  • 151 FT-LB Torque
  • Either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters
  • Ventilated disk brakes for both the front and rear wheels
  • Rear wheel drive
Scion FR-S

Power on the Road

The trouble many sports cars face is being able to show that thier engineering and engine power can perform. Often, a manufacturer will proudly proclaim that their car can produce a specific amount of horsepower, but it may only at the limit of the rev range. This can make it difficult to utilize the power and allow it to effectively propel the car. The FR-S has a beautifully balanced engine system that has quick acceleration, with the bulk of the power being generated at a manageable 7,000 RPM.

Comfort and Economy

Having a high performance vehicle is fantastic for the times when you can open up the taps and enjoy a beautiful drive, but most people must also use their car on a daily basis. This means that a car should be comfortable to drive and have acceptable fuel economy. The Scion FR-S has a luscious interior; it is a comfortable place to spend an afternoon’s drive, or to sit in during rush hour traffic.

The creature comforts include air conditioning, power windows, leather trim accents, racing style aluminum scuff plates, and red stitching details on the upholstery. All of this plus the powerful stereo system and auxiliary jack will make driving in even the slowest traffic conditions less of an ordeal.

Paying Less as the Fuel Pumps

The FR-S has very good fuel economy when compared to other performance cars of the same caliber. Choosing the automatic transmission will mean slightly more efficient fuel consumption, but the manual transmission is still economical. City MPG is estimated at 22 for the MT (manual transmission) and 25 for the AT (automatic transmission). Highway MPG is 30 for the MT and 34 for the AT, and combined driving is 25 for the MT and 28 for the AT.


When compared to the other models Scion manufactures, the FR-S is sleekly designed. The curves and low profile of this car are similar to those of much more expensive Italian supercars, with an added dash of American Muscle.


Along with all the attention grabbing accessories and performance equipment, the Scion FR-S has numerous safety features that are less flashy but just as, if not more, important to a great driving experience. Both the vehicle stability control and traction control can help keep the car from slipping in hazardous conditions. The Electronic Brake Force Redistributor and the anti-lock braking system prevents the front and the rear brakes from seizing and locking the car into an uncontrollable skid. Scion has also added a special electronic brake assist to detect when a person is “panic” braking. This assist device applies the full force of the brakes safely, without locking the wheels.

Value for Money Spent

All of these features come standard on the base model of the FR-S. It is a car that lives up to its hype, and is a great deal as far as performance for money. You can check out your local Scion dealer and get a quote and financing options for this quality-made, affordable performance vehicle. With the help of sophisticated technology and superior craftsmanship, you could soon be enjoying the open road and the pure driving experience.

Read more about the FR-S:  Scion reveals SEMA concepts, Tuner Challenge finalists


The Jeep Cherokee 2014: A Versatile Crossover


For over three decades, Jeep has been known as a premier manufacturer of off-road vehicles and most of their models are revered for their power and reliability in tackling treacherous terrains. However, auto consumers are now more interested in a family vehicle, so SUVs and crossovers became the more prominent choice in the market. This gave rise to a more outdoorsy and utility-minded Jeep variant, and they called this particular model as the Jeep Cherokee. Its 2014 model is more than what you can hope for in a city-friendly crossover.

jeep cherokee
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You can expect the typical Jeep features from both the interior and exterior of the 2014 Cherokee. It has the ruggedness and feel of a vehicle that is built for the great outdoors, but it can handle itself on city roads. Jeep calls the new Cherokee as a mid-sizer, which means it falls under the category of most crossovers like the Subaru Forester, Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4 and Ford Escape. Most of these crossovers are 182 inches long, with 106.3 inches wheelbase. The new Jeep Cherokee has no third seat available, but it has a 5-seater backseat that is more than capable of accommodating 5 adults. Also, the second row can slide fore and apt to make room for more cargo space.


While most models in its class have opted to four-cylinder engine, the Jeep Cherokee has two available variants. You can choose from between a V-6 and four-cylinder. Its 2.4 liter engine can pump up a well-adjusted 184 horsepower and a maximum of 171pound-feet of torque. The engine is smooth and quiet even if you reach 80-100 Km/h on the road. In fact, it can go up to 490 miles on the highway with one full tank. The Cherokee 2014 powertrain feature improves fuel efficiency, but it can still provide that superior 4×4 performance.


The new Jeep Cherokee exterior is sculpted for aerodynamic performance, it’s a bold and sleek design fit for our modern setting. The new look is fluid and aesthetically beautiful, truly a game-changer. You’ll never be out-of-style with the Cherokee 2014. It’s equally at home wherever you bring it, might that be a rugged trail or urban streets – it will definitely catch some attention.


The new Cherokee has front and rear independent suspensions that can provide superior performance both on the trail and city roads. Its electronic steering system is speed-sensitive and helps improve its overall fuel efficiency. It has the capability to automatically shift from sporty handling on the road to a more standard handling with limited effort on maneuvering, especially during parking.

Safety Features:

The best thing about the new Cherokee is its safety features. Actually, it has over 70 security and safety features, but the most important ones will include: Blind Spot Monitoring, Perpendicular and Parallel Park Assist (ParkSense Technology), rear cameras for Rear Park Assist, Cross Path Detection to monitor the driver’s blind spots, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and most importantly10 standard airbags with side-curtain plus side thorax airbags.

Overall, the new Jeep Cherokee 2014 is a versatile and crossover that you can rely on. It will provide you the performance and safety as well as the ruggedness that we can expect from a Jeep model. The base price for the new Cherokee is at $22,995, maybe a bit pricey but considering all its features – it’s all worth it!


How is a 4WD tyre different from a regular car tyre?


Australia is a 4wheel drive country with 4WD vehicles and tyres to get off the beaten track and explore its culture. 4 Wheel drive vehicles (4WD) employ all four wheels for individual movement over a terrain. So, to enhance the vehicle’s motion and safety during use, 4WD vehicles use special tyres built for the particular road conditions. These tyres are different from those of the regular tyres that we use commonly in our cars.


How is a 4WD tyre different from a regular car tyre?

There are 3 basic types of 4 wheel drive tyres, which include highway terrain (HT) tyres, mud terrain (MT) tyres, and all terrain (AT) tyres. A highway terrain tyre looks almost similar to a regular car tyre in terms of their determined use on city roads. Mud terrain tyres are specifically geared towards mud applications for easy movement. All terrain tyres can take off-road, and also take the pavement.

Let us see each type of 4WD tyres and how it differs from a regular tyre.

a. Highway terrain (HT) tyres:

These tyres are mainly designed to be used at high speeds, and more often, a sporty driving style. Since they are mainly designed to use on high speed, they feature a soft rubber component for improved traction control. However, there is a disadvantage of having this soft rubber; the tread life of HT tyres is very short.

The tread pattern found in highway terrain tyres tend to be shallower and less aggressive than AT tyres, and so the ability to handle mud and dirt is very less. So as a whole, a Highway terrain tyre is very similar to a regular passenger car tyres that are often used in sealed roads across the country.

b. All Terrain (AT) tyres:

The all-terrain 4x tyres cater to the need of almost all 4WD vehicle owners in the country. These tyres have stiff sidewalls for greater resistance against puncture when travelling off road. This is the perfect tyre for vehicle owners who want comfort on the highway and also have the ability to take on the odd track. The tread pattern found in AT tyres have wider spacing and are more aggressive compared to regular tyres and HT tyres. Wider tread pattern allows for easy removal of mud from the tread by means of centrifugal force when driving. Whilst being more aggressive than Regular and HT tyres, All Terrain tyres are still designed to be used on-road without any adverse problems. The extra aggression that is normally found in AT tyres indicates that they are able drive on rough roads as easily as possible. However, if you are going for a serious, heavy duty four wheel driving, then AT tyres may not help you. In that case, you may require heavy duty Mud terrain tyres.

Using AT 4WD tyres will allow you to drive thousands of kilometres on the highway and also explore some off-road destinations. A quiet and decent off-road performance, and a grip on the bitumen is what an AT tyre provides to its user.

c. Mud terrain (MT) 4WD tyres:

Mud terrain tyres are primarily made for hard core off-road driving conditions. They have aggressive, deep, open tread design having any void areas. These void areas are open enough that the mud that collects in the grooves are thrown out through the centrifugal force, leaving them open to provide grip as they roll back down into the goo. MT tyres tend to be wider than regular and other 4WD tyres. This is to prevent the vehicle from sinking deep into the mud by spreading the weight of the vehicle over a greater area.

MT tyres are very knobby and can often create noise and provide uncomfortable driving conditions at high speeds when used on-road. So, inexperienced drivers who use MT tyres on-road should take care to better understand the handling characteristics of MT tyres when used at high speed.

Choosing the right 4WD tyre for your vehicle:

When it comes to tyre replacement, price tends to be the deciding factor for many of us. In addition, looks count a lot too. However, there are two important factors that should be given due consideration when choosing 4WD tyres for your vehicle. Consider for what purpose you will be actually using the tyres, and the second one is safety.

How much off-road driving do you actually do? This is the first thing to consider when choosing the right tyre for your four wheel drive vehicle. If you spend more time on-road, then Mud terrain tyres are completely inappropriate for your vehicle. MT tyres are a good choice for your vehicle, only when you spend a vast majority of the time off-road. In fact, MT tyres offer poor road grip, which is dangerous especially in wet, slippery roads. MT tyres wear out faster compared to regular or AT tyres. They also create undesirable noises on-road, especially after they wear down.

So, if you are spending at least 80 percent of your time off-road, then MT tyres are the best choice.

All Terrain tyres are best for 4WD vehicles that spend around 60% of the time on-road, and 40% off-road. In addition, AT tyres perform well in almost all terrains like, sand, rocks, and light mud situations. They also provide better grip on the road than MT tyres.

Highway terrain tyres are the best if you are spending more than 90% of your time on-road. HT tyres provide superior grip on the tarmac, especially on wet roads.

Choosing the right 4Wd tyres for your vehicle is a daunting task. However, spending a little time thinking about exactly what you will be using your tyres for and considering the above mentioned factors, you can make your decision quite easily.


Australia is very famous for its 4WD vehicles, and most people explore the country by travelling in their 4WD vehicle. The best tyres to be used on a 4WD vehicle often depend on the sort of trip being planned. 4WD tyres, unlike regular tyres have aggressive tread patterns that allow them to ride smoothly on tough roads. While most 4WD vehicles are fitted with HT tyres, they are not best suited for some serious off road conditions. For serious 4 wheel driving, an AT or MT tyres make the perfect compromise.


The Cost of Going Green with Hybrid Cars

q5 hybrid silver
Audi Q5 Hybrid

The growing concern for the environment is motivation enough for ordinary citizens to think of ways to reduce their carbon footprint. One of the modern innovations that can help address this concern is the hybrid cars. These are vehicles that make use of a combination of gasoline and electric powered engines.

Hybrid cars are known for their low levels of emission as well as the increased fuel efficiency compared to the usual internal combustion engine vehicles. However, the price of hybrid cars is usually higher than that of their fuel cars counterparts. Which raises the question, how much are you willing to pay for fuel efficiency and for saving the environment?

Hybrid car prices can range from a little over $18,000 to as much as over $100,000 depending on the make and model of the car. The list of the most affordable ones include Honda Insight, Honda Civic Hybrid, Toyota Camry, Toyota Prius Liftback, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, Kia Optima Hybrid, Chevrolet Malibu Eco, and Ford Fusion Hybrid. There are also luxury brands that carry hybrid models which also come with a hefty price tag. Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Lexus are some of the noteworthy brands that make you go green with style.

The acquisition cost or the price tags on these hybrid vehicles are just initial considerations when it comes to weighing the cost of switching to these eco-friendly cars. You should also look into maintenance and repair costs that may be incurred in owning such vehicles. Compare it with the savings that you’ll get from fuel efficiency, tax breaks and your value for the environment before committing to the switch.

Some of the prices and maintenance cost of hybrid cars may be a bit expensive for some. However, there are also practical benefits that can be used to offset such costs. As these vehicles become more popular, the price of hybrid cars along with the other incidental expenses that come with it are also expected to go down.