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Car Buying Tips to Get the Best Deal


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Are you looking for a new car? Do you plan on paying in cash or through financing? Purchasing a car in cash is the right option than having it financed. Car financing is resorted by those wanting to acquire a new car but cannot afford to pay in cash. Car companies for wanting to make a sale likewise offer car loan aside from banks. Dealers earn a commission from the sale of the car when a buyer opted to secure a loan and complete payment over a period.

Dealers are less excited if buyers pay in cash for a brand new vehicle. On the other hand, spot cash on car relieves a buyer of high interest rate and the burden of coming up with a monthly amortization.

One buying a brand new car can always negotiate with the car dealer to lower the retail price by several hundred dollars. Aim to get the best deal. There are car buying tips and approaches to get your dream car at a great price.

Smart car buying tips:

1. Short listing the type of car you wish to own.

There are many choices, but the right car is decided only after you compare and look at all the features. Features include color, accessories, and other tangibles meant to improve the look of the car. For instance, there are dealers who offer different car wraps to go with your purchase of the vehicle. However, further research may show that getting a car wrap, like a gloss black vinyl wrap, elsewhere could be cheaper than if the price were added on top of the car’s purchase price. Keep your budget in mind. Consolidate your options to come up with a list of only a few car brands and models. Compare the retail price of the cars on your list. Thereafter, make your final reconsideration for the car that appeals to you and with the price that suits your budget.

2. Have a pre-approved car loan.

Look for car financing before buying a car. Find out which institution offers the best possible interest rate. Stay away from financing options the dealer is suggesting. They have high interest rates and extended period of repayment. With ready approved loan, you can spend for the car upfront, affording you to pay for the out-the-door price and not resort to Installment.

3. Test-drive the car.

Test-drive the shortlisted cars. Read reviews of the cars from the websites of manufacturers and forums among owners of cars that you consider buying. Read more about the engine specs and mileage. Look for any good or bad feedbacks owning the car after their purchase. You are almost reaching a decision.

4. Compare price quotes.

Before doing show room hopping, give time to call several car dealers and request for them to email you a quote of the prospective car. Make a list, with the best quote on top. Call the dealer with the best quote. Ask if they can lower their price to beat a competing dealer. Take heed dealing with quotes that is unbelievable.

5. Visit showrooms on weekdays.

Go on a weekday. There are few buyers and sales persons can attend to you. The agent tries to close a sale. This is your chance to negotiate for the price to get the best deal on a new car.

6. Clarify about out-of-door price.

Out-of-door-prices are additional dealer fees usually added by dealers just when you are about to close the deal. This is a strategy to make up for the profit loss. It is crucial to ask about the exact dealer fees. Included in the out-of-door cost are TT&L (tax, title, and license), and documentation fee. While add-on fees are negotiable, you are not obligated in any way to pay on any marketing charges.

7. Trade-in or trade-off.

During the process of closing the sale for the new car, the car dealer asks about your current car and if you are interested for a trade-in. This can lower the purchasing price of the new car. However, you are cautioned not to get distracted first by a good offer on your trade-in. Finalize the price of the new car first. Then, discuss the price for the trade-in car. Deduct this from the price of the new car. What’s left becomes the basis of the sales tax you are required to pay. You made a saving on sales tax.

Here’s one final tip. Time your purchase during the off-season – winter – when sales are low. Prices are discounted to generate sale. Knowledge of car buying tips makes you smart after all.

Quick Registration Loans for Quick Cash Needs


Getting an unexpected bill can be a huge problem if you do not have the extra cash to pay for it. A sudden doctor’s bill or car repair expense can make basic things like rent and utilities difficult to pay for on time. If you are late on your payments, your creditors will alert the credit bureaus and your situation will get even worse.  If you issued post-dated checks and are unable to fund it on time, you are also going to be in trouble with those you have financial dealings with.  These are times when it would be wiser for you to turn to a loan to give you quick cash to pay for your financial obligations.

One of the quickest ways to avoid a situation like this is to get a registration loan on your car or other vehicle you own. Whether or not you’ve already paid off your car in full, registration and title loan companies like 800 Loan Mart can get you some cash to meet your emergency financial needs.  Applying for a registration loan is easy.

registration loan
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This kind of loan generally has a quick approval time and less application requirements.  Even if you have bad credit, you may still qualify for this loan. Options like this allow you to get the money you need to pay your bills on time so you can avoid late fees and dings to your credit.  The great thing about this is that you still get to keep and use your car even if you are borrowing based on its value.

When you avail of a registration loan, you have to make sure that you can manage your payments responsibly.  These are not designed to be long term loans and are therefore payable within a short period of time, usually within a year or two.  You have to find out what the penalties and charges are for late payments.  You also should make sure that you borrow only the amount that you need to settle your immediate financial obligations.

There are times when bad things happen to good people.  In these cases, there is no reason to let your credit suffer because of temporary financial setbacks brought about by unexpected events.  For as long as you are sure that you have money coming in, a registration loan is a wise option.  Getting a loan on your car is the fastest and easiest way to get cash to prevent damage to your financial record.  Once your emergency financial need has been settled, you can move on and focus on working so you can have the money to meet your loan repayments.


Cost of Ownership Cars

When the average consumer looks into buying a new or used vehicle, they consider the cost of buying that vehicle instead of considering the cost of owning it. They usually base their decision on three things:

* Interest rate
* Down payment
* Monthly payments

car ownership
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However, there are some hidden expenses that even seasoned consumers aren’t fully aware of that go into the total cost of ownership cars and trucks ultimately incur. These hidden costs are based in part on how that vehicle compares with others in its class, the amount of depreciation, and the cost of insuring that vehicle.

Let’s take the last factor, for example. Many assume that the cost of auto insurance depends on their driving record. While that is basically true, car insurance rates also depend on the type of vehicle they are insuring. Insurance agents look at factors such as:

* The safety record for that particular make and model
* Crime statistics for that type of vehicle, such as reported thefts of a specific model
* Crime statistic for the area the vehicle is housed in, such as vandalism and personal property crimes
* The intended use of the vehicle, such as whether it is for business or personal use

Consumers can find out more about cost comparisons by vehicle by looking up that information for a specific dealer or car manufacturer. There are also independent agencies that provide consumer comparisons of vehicles in all classes for the purpose of providing a public service. An informed consumer is a smarter consumer.

5 Things to Consider When Buying New Tyres

At some point in the life of your vehicle, you may very well have to add on new tyres. Purchasing the car might feel easier than this as you knew what you wanted in a car, but you don’t really know what to look for in a tyre. Keep these suggestions in mind when purchasing these new and necessary parts for your car.

tyre, new tyres

Your Budget

One of the biggest factors that often prevents you from getting what you want is your budget. Before you go to the store, have a number in mind per tyre or overall, but be a little bit flexible with that figure. It’s important to choose a quality tyre over a cheap tyre, in most scenarios, so you might have to pay a bit more than expected.

Consider the Car Usage

As noted, you generally want to go for quality over price when you’re choosing car tyres; however, a couple of exceptions to the rule exist. Maybe you use this car for work only, and you live only two kilometers or so from your place of employment. This is not to say you should purchase cheap tyres that will break down in a matter of days or that are unsafe, but you can go for the less expensive options.

Ask About Warranties

No matter what type of tyre you purchase, it should not fall apart the minute you walk out of the store. In the event that it does break soon after you purchase it, you absolutely want to be covered; therefore, it’s important to ask about warranties. Before making the commitment to buy a certain tyre, ask if you can read through the warranty. This ensures you know exactly what you are getting into by signing the contract.

Performing Maintenance

Some shops that sell tyres will also perform maintenance on them if a problem exits in the future. Opting for a shop that does both of these tasks is smart because you’ll then know that the people who work here have knowledge in these types of tyres. Furthermore, you might be able to schedule regular service appointments with them. Instead of waiting until there is a problem with your tyre to bring it in, you can visit them every several months or so to make sure everything is in proper working condition.

Make, Model and Year

This probably seems like an obvious tip, but so many people forget it. A friend picks them up to bring them to the shop, and they realize they do not know one of these important factors about the car. It’s necessary to know this information if you want to pick a tyre that matches up with the car!

Purchasing new tyres can be a little bit overwhelming. If the process is frightening you, it’s best to bring along a person who has knowledge of different types of tyres to help you out.

David Spencer is a Mechanic from Sydney, Australia. He says that choosing the right set of tyres will be easy if you follow his five tips. For all your tyre needs, David recommends contacting Jax Tyres.

5 Most Affordable New Car Models


Thanks to fierce competition between manufacturers, the new car market has become a great way to get a fantastic deal on the car of your dreams. Owning a new car may seem like an extravagant expense, but there are many new models which offer unbeatable value for money, even for first time car buyers. Here are 5 of the most affordable new car models available for the budget conscious buyer.

Chery J1

The Chery J1 is currently one of Australia’s cheapest cars to buy brand new, with the retail set at an impressive $9990 drive away. With a modern interior, power mirrors, keyless entry, electric windows, ABS, dual air bags, 6 speaker sound system with MP3 compatibility, central locking and fog lights, the J1 truly has it all. This nifty 1.3L hatch is also covered by a 3 year/100 000km warranty, and has great dealer support so you can relax and enjoy your brand new car with absolute peace of mind.

Suzuki Alto

Voted by NRMA as the cheapest car to own and operate, the Alto comes in at $11990 but is worth the extra investment. The 3 cylinder 1.0L petrol engine is surprisingly zippy for its size, and delivers great fuel economy and low emissions. Fitted with Electronic Stability Control, ABS and an impressive 6 air bags, the Alto is serious on safety. It has all the features like power windows and keyless entry, but with a slightly better build quality than the Chinese made Chery J1.

yaris affordable new cars

Toyota Yaris

With a 5 star ANCAP safety rating and famous Toyota quality, the Yaris is a great choice for people looking for an affordable new car that they can keep for many years. A benefit of the Yaris is the fact that Toyota’s hold their value, with higher resale prices than some of their close competitors. The Yaris has all the technology features you could want, with Bluetooth for hands-free calls as well as audio streaming, and the ZR models featuring a 6.1” touchscreen with SatNav and traffic avoidance to help you get home on time, every time. While a bit more expensive than some of the others, the Yaris is definitely value for money, and is a great investment for those who want a car to keep for many years to come.

Holden Barina Spark

The Spark stands out from the crowd with undeniably modern, sporty styling. For $13990 you will get a tidy package, including great storage capacity with fold-down rear seats, a technology laden interior, Traction Control, ABS, Electronic Stability Control, 6 air bags, and a 1.2L 4 cylinder for a smooth and agile drive.

Hyundai i20

The multi-award winning i20 is a great example of Hyundai’s dedication to constantly improving their range. Backed by a 5 year, unlimited kilometre warranty and the Hyundai iCare system, the i20 offers some of the most comprehensive after-sale support available. With sleek styling on the outside, and impressively modern trim on the inside, the i20 is surprisingly comfortable and roomy for such a small hatch. The 1.4L engine delivers great performance without compromising on fuel economy. It’s easy to be impressed by this great little hatch.

It’s hard to believe that such value-packed cars are not only stylish to look at, but great to drive as well. In such a competitive market, the prices of these great little cars has been driven down to the point that buying a used car is no longer the only option for budget conscious buyers. So go on, and treat yourself to a fantastic deal on a brand new car.

Written by Kobe Brooke

Kobe is a motor enthusiast who also works in car sales in Melbourne. He also organizes regular driver meet-up in his local area.


Top 5 Modifications to Make to Your Sports Car

Driving down the road in a classy and sporty car has always been a dream of yours, and now you have the vehicle to make this fantasy come to life. Instead of keeping the car as is though, check out these cool ways you can modify your vehicle.

A Paint Job

The colour of your car says so much, especially when you want to exude those feelings of sportiness. Instead of opting for a more tame shade such as white or beige, go for something bold. Red, black and many of the more daring blues are the perfect colours for your sports car. Once the paint job is done, you will feel as though you’re actually driving a brand new car for the first time.

Replacing the Tyres

Tyres need not look dull and boring, and some styles are available to make your car look even better. Of course, when it comes to tyres, you must go with form and fit above all else. Once the proper tyre for you has been determined, look into the different possible models. With various sized and designed spokes, you’ll likely find something that you love.

Turning the Engine

When you make the decision to replace some of the components in the engine, you could wind up with a faster vehicle or one that runs more efficiently. If the car is going to become faster, do not let this be an open door to racing. Obeying the speed limits and maintaining optimal safety are both crucial. Take your car to a local shop to see what types of modifications are available. Furthermore, you need to ensure that everything you choose blends together in the utmost manner.

bugatti veyron, supercar
Bugatti Veyron Supercar

Spoilers and Grilles

A lot of people decide to have a spoiler put on to the back of their car. Even if the car is not extremely sporty before hand, just adding on this component can make it seem more free and fun. Be sure to pick a paint colour that exactly matches the one of your vehicle, or else the job will look simply sloppy. Grilles are another way to change your car to look a it more casual and carefree. Find out what all of the different options are to have one customized to meet your needs and your car.

Less Permanent Chances

Some people want to try the sporty look but are not sure they want to commit. Therefore, consider adding some decals to the back of the vehicle or little items on the exterior of the car. This allows you to see if the sporty vibe is right before you before you make any permanent and expensive changes to the vehicle.

When it comes to make your car look even more sporty than it already does, always remember to keep safety and function in mind. If the car does not have these two component, then it’s not good to drive.

Clarence Smith is a car enthusiast located in Brisbane, Australia. He has own many modified vehicles in his time and actively looks to customise his current car. Clarence originally learnt to drive through My Driving School recommended by friends and visit their website to book lessons.  


Metal Components that are used Together with Metal Fasteners

Some people think that metal fasteners can stand on their own and do not need other metal components to join items together. However, it should be remembered that while the said parts are useful in many ways, they need to be used with other accessories to make sure that they will deliver the right level of tension that is necessary.

The abovementioned feature is important because metal fasteners are used in the automotive, manufacturing, and aerospace fields, among others. To make sure that the purposes of the said metal components are achieved, they are used with other metal parts and some of them are explained on succeeding paragraphs.

Metal Washers

Metal washers are flat dishes that come with small holes at the centre. They are specifically used to hold loads of mechanical bolts and are usually placed just beneath the nut or the joint to avoid potential discharge and at the same time properly distribute pressure.

Because there are different requirements that need to be met, custom washers are used together with metal fasteners to make sure that every precautionary is taken to eliminate or reduce the possibility of encountering negative impacts or circumstances that may compromise daily operations.

Metal custom washers

Metal Nuts

Metal nuts are known for their high quality features like durability, strength, and anti-corrosion. They are generally used to secure screws and/or bolts on certain locations. Some nuts that are out on the market are classified according to their use, design, and shape. Sub categories include plate nuts, lug nuts, and self-locking nuts.

Metal Bolts

In general, metal bolts are classified as mechanical fasteners that come with threaded rods or pins. It is easy to identify them because they usually come with a head on one end. Bolts can be easily purchased and come in different sizes. The most common metal bolts are U-bolts, hub bolts, mounting plate bolts, and wheel bolts.


Aside from the three main metal parts that are explained above, there are also other components that can be used together with metal fasteners. They are used in a wide array of industries to affix different objects and reduce the possibility of encountering negative circumstances that may compromise quality, safety, and other operational factors.

Because of their importance, the said components (especially custom washers) undergo strict scrutiny before they are released on the market. This is essential because as mentioned above, they are widely used in a wide array of industries.



Stay Safe When Driving in the Snow this Winter


Stay Safe on the Snowy Roads in Scotland this Winter

Understanding the road conditions during winter months can make the difference between staying safe and crashing during dangerous winter driving conditions, such as snow and ice. Taking the time to prepare before setting off on a journey ensures those driving new and used cars in Scotland do not get into trouble and complete their journey’s as planned.

When snow and ice arrive or are expected spending a little extra time preparing for a journey is very important; one important consideration is the choice of roads to be taken with larger roads more likely to be safer after being gritted when snow and ice are expected. Staying off smaller roads and side streets can ensure a driver does not lose control or become stranded. If a driver does become stranded the engine of a vehicle should only be run for long enough to keep the occupants warm and should not be run in an enclosed space.

stay safe snowy roads car

When choosing from cars for sale in Glasgow potential buyers of used cars can be sure that a well cared for vehicle should operate well in adverse conditions like those faced in winter. Simple steps like making sure a driver knows that starting a journey in snowy conditions requires the use of a high gear in a manual used car can avoid becoming stuck or losing control at the outset of a journey. Making sure a driver maintains a safe distance away from the vehicle in front, up to double or triple the usual stopping distance makes sure each vehicle can stop in the appropriate time and avoid a collision.

Before beginning a journey the vehicle to be, whether new or used should be cleared of snow and ice to make sure visibility is at its maximum. Standing snow on the roof of a vehicle can also cause problems with visibility for drivers and should be cleared before any journey is embarked upon.

About the author:
Paul is a car journalist and reviewer. Born in North East UK he graduated with a degree in English before following his passion of cars in to car journalism.


Locked Out of Car Problems

A lot of people are experiencing locked out of car difficulty every day. This kind of setback is a very troublesome and annoying problem that will surely make a person really mad and stressed. However, the best way to overcome and solve this kind of crisis is by simply finding and hiring a locksmith that knows how to open a car without using the original key.

Who can help me?

locked out of carLocksmiths are experts when it comes to this kind of problem. In other words, they know how to deal with these kinds of issues and know what to do in order to solve this kind of issue. There are lots of locksmiths all around the world that knows how to open car doors without the use of keys or keycards. For example, if I live in Arizona, I would need to call a local Arizona locksmith in order to break in to my car. Locksmiths are great when it comes to concerns about lock. However, another way to avoid this kind of predicament is by simply learning how to pick the lock of your car.

There are many different ways on how you can learn the steps and techniques that you can use for your car problems. The best and easiest way is by studying and training to become a locksmith. The first and easiest way in order to become a locksmith is by simply leaning or taking a short course program of Locksmithing. The Locksmithing business is really one of the best industries that don’t fluctuate with the economy. In other words, a single change in the world market does not affect this kind of industry. This means that the more cars are getting locked, the more the demand they also get.

Getting locked out of the car is one of the many problems that motorists often encounter nowadays. Due to this issues, the demand of locksmiths are getting in demand and very high. In other words, there are lots of people looking for locksmiths that may help them open their car doors. A lot of people are busy every day Most are often thinking about many things in their work, families, business, and other goals in life, because of these kinds of issues a lot of people get locked out of their car.

One of the main reasons why a person gets locked out of their cars is because they are in a hurry. This kind of problem often happens when a person leaves their keys inside their car when they have a lot of things going inside their mind. The best way is to hire a locksmith that is capable of unlock the car doors even without the use of the car key. Locksmiths are great when it comes to these kinds of problems. However, there are also some locksmiths that are not that skilled and don’t know how to unlock car doors.

So, this means that when you are looking for a locksmith for the locked car you have, you must make sure that the locksmith is also skilled when it comes to cars. Some of the locksmith is also capable of making extra keys for people whom have been locked out of car. 

Guest post by Dandlock.