Aston Martin Vanquish: Vanquished No More

Aston Martin, Featured, Supercars / Thursday, January 24th, 2013

It’s not the first time that an Aston Martin Vanquish hit the road. This model has been around since 2001. After its launch, however, things did not look good under the hood. Lest it ruin the reputation of the prestigious car brand, the Vanquish was pulled out of the production line in 2007. Nothing has quite matched up to the glamour that the Vanquish showed on its exterior. Now, a new Vanquish is rolling out of the Aston Martin factory at Gaydon.

vanquish aston martin
what’s not to love?

The styling essentially remains the same with the distinctively British flair. While it is reminiscent of the 2001 Vanquish, this 2012 model is leaner and sleeker much like the limited-run One-77 Supercar. The carbon fiber construction of the new Vanquish reduced this car’s mass and increased its strength to weight ratio. Another added feature is the rear spoiler referred to as the Aero Duct, similarly made of carbon fiber material.

Although the interiors remain luxurious, there does not seem to be anything extraordinary. Those who took this car for a test drive found it to be so-so in the infotainment department. The control panel still had the starter modules and the gear selection buttons. More controls can be found on the steering wheel to include suspension and cruise control buttons. The Aston Martin engineers claim that the new units in their factories are getting some fine tuning in this department.

This front-engine 2-door coupe has a 48-valve V12 engine with port fuel injection mechanism. It has a 6-speed automatic transmission with a manual shifting mode. It reaches peak power of 565hp at 6,750rpm and a top speed of 183mph. This car is fuel efficient at 13mpg on city driving. The new Vanquish feels fast yet firm on the road. This sporty grand tourer is out in the market for a retail price of close to $300,000.


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