Metal Components that are used Together with Metal Fasteners

Other Car Matters / Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Some people think that metal fasteners can stand on their own and do not need other metal components to join items together. However, it should be remembered that while the said parts are useful in many ways, they need to be used with other accessories to make sure that they will deliver the right level of tension that is necessary.

The abovementioned feature is important because metal fasteners are used in the automotive, manufacturing, and aerospace fields, among others. To make sure that the purposes of the said metal components are achieved, they are used with other metal parts and some of them are explained on succeeding paragraphs.

Metal Washers

Metal washers are flat dishes that come with small holes at the centre. They are specifically used to hold loads of mechanical bolts and are usually placed just beneath the nut or the joint to avoid potential discharge and at the same time properly distribute pressure.

Because there are different requirements that need to be met, custom washers are used together with metal fasteners to make sure that every precautionary is taken to eliminate or reduce the possibility of encountering negative impacts or circumstances that may compromise daily operations.

Metal custom washers

Metal Nuts

Metal nuts are known for their high quality features like durability, strength, and anti-corrosion. They are generally used to secure screws and/or bolts on certain locations. Some nuts that are out on the market are classified according to their use, design, and shape. Sub categories include plate nuts, lug nuts, and self-locking nuts.

Metal Bolts

In general, metal bolts are classified as mechanical fasteners that come with threaded rods or pins. It is easy to identify them because they usually come with a head on one end. Bolts can be easily purchased and come in different sizes. The most common metal bolts are U-bolts, hub bolts, mounting plate bolts, and wheel bolts.


Aside from the three main metal parts that are explained above, there are also other components that can be used together with metal fasteners. They are used in a wide array of industries to affix different objects and reduce the possibility of encountering negative circumstances that may compromise quality, safety, and other operational factors.

Because of their importance, the said components (especially custom washers) undergo strict scrutiny before they are released on the market. This is essential because as mentioned above, they are widely used in a wide array of industries.



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