Stay Safe When Driving in the Snow this Winter

Other Car Matters / Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Stay Safe on the Snowy Roads in Scotland this Winter

Understanding the road conditions during winter months can make the difference between staying safe and crashing during dangerous winter driving conditions, such as snow and ice. Taking the time to prepare before setting off on a journey ensures those driving new and used cars in Scotland do not get into trouble and complete their journey’s as planned.

When snow and ice arrive or are expected spending a little extra time preparing for a journey is very important; one important consideration is the choice of roads to be taken with larger roads more likely to be safer after being gritted when snow and ice are expected. Staying off smaller roads and side streets can ensure a driver does not lose control or become stranded. If a driver does become stranded the engine of a vehicle should only be run for long enough to keep the occupants warm and should not be run in an enclosed space.

stay safe snowy roads car

When choosing from cars for sale in Glasgow potential buyers of used cars can be sure that a well cared for vehicle should operate well in adverse conditions like those faced in winter. Simple steps like making sure a driver knows that starting a journey in snowy conditions requires the use of a high gear in a manual used car can avoid becoming stuck or losing control at the outset of a journey. Making sure a driver maintains a safe distance away from the vehicle in front, up to double or triple the usual stopping distance makes sure each vehicle can stop in the appropriate time and avoid a collision.

Before beginning a journey the vehicle to be, whether new or used should be cleared of snow and ice to make sure visibility is at its maximum. Standing snow on the roof of a vehicle can also cause problems with visibility for drivers and should be cleared before any journey is embarked upon.

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