The Benz Legacy in Automobile Innovations

Car History / Thursday, April 5th, 2012
Karl Friedrich Benz, wiki file photo.

The brand Mercedes Benz is known around the globe as a first rate vehicle manufacturer. In fact, most would associate it with sleek and luxurious vehicles that are designed to provide comfort, convenience and safety for its passengers. This vehicle brand has built a solid reputation in the automobile industry for over a hundred years now and it all started with the genius of Karl Benz.

People outside the automobile industry might ask who Karl Benz is. Automobile design engineers on the other hand look up to him for his contribution in the history of automobile vehicles. In fact his patent specification for the first motor car, “vehicle powered by a gas engine”, has been inscribed in the UNESCO memory of the world register in 2011. Suffice to say that we will not be enjoying the benefits of modern vehicle if not for his genius in the 1800s.

Today, the Mercedes Benz tradition of manufacturing high quality and innovative vehicles still lives on. It has consistently enjoyed technological leadership in the auto industry for 125 years now. You can see the mark of quality in the Mercedes Benz logo that covers a wide range of vehicles from utility vans, sports cars, race cars, and premium SUVs, hybrid cars and luxury cars. Their latest innovation is the luxury saloon dubbed the F125. This emission free saloon of the future is currently considered as a research vehicle and is expected to come out in the market soon.

The new generation of Mercedes Benz vehicles is a testament to the innovative spirit that lives on in this car company. The creation of new models doesn’t stop at the development of highly efficient and modern engine designs. These vehicles are built with the comfort and convenience of their users in mind. Aside from the sleek body, the car is also equipped with modern accessories that fit the lifestyle of its owners. Definitely, Mercedes Benz has gone a long way from the very first motor car driven by Karl Benz.

1885 Benz Patent Motorwagen
1885 Benz Patent Motorwagen

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