Turn In a New Leaf with Green Cars like Nissan LEAF Electric Car

Green Cars, LEAF, Nissan / Thursday, August 2nd, 2012
nissan leaf
Nissan Leaf


The natural disasters and weird weather disturbances experienced in different parts of the world tell us that Mother Earth isn’t happy about how we are treating her resources. If we don’t start turning in a new leaf and be more kind to nature then it won’t be long until the world will feel the wrath of nature’s fury. Eco-friendly efforts are now propagated around the globe to delay and hopefully prevent the world from being covered in smog, waste, and other pollutants. One of the prominent campaigns to go green is the reduction of gas emissions and fuel consumption of our transportation, thus, the introduction of green cars in the market.Several vehicles in the market today are built using green car technology. Such vehicles include electric cars, hybrids, hydrogen powered cars, air powered cars etc. The objective is to build fuel efficient cars with low emission to minimize the damage to environment without sacrificing travel efficiency.

One of the selling points of these vehicles is their ability to reduce fuel cost. However, consumers are concerned about the maintenance costs, convenience and range of the vehicles. Potential buyers of electric cars in particular need to consider their transportation needs vs. vehicle range and availability of charging stations in their area. One of the latest electric car models that caught the eye of consumers is the Nissan LEAF which stands for Leading, Environment friendly, Affordable, Family car. It is a five door, five-passenger vehicle with stylish and comfortable front and rear seats. It is also equipped with the latest system and navigation technology such as CARWINGS, Nissan Intelligent Key, Nissan Navigation System, and Nissan Rearview Monitor.

Consumer reviews may differ when it comes to actual savings and convenience gained from the use of different electric car models. Some attest to the smooth ride and fuel savings that they enjoyed from the Nissan LEAF electric car, while others are partial to hybrid or hydrogen cars. One thing is for sure though – almost everything about this car is eco-friendly. The reduced dependence on petroleum products, zero green house gas emissions, use of recycled materials for the interiors and LED lights are enough to give you a green light to consider it as a primary vehicle.


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