Types of Coolant Hoses

Car Parts / Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Types of Automotive Coolant Hoses

Every mechanic, automotive technician or maritime operator knows that time is money and money is time. This is the reason you ensure every component of the automotive or maritime operation are running smoothly at all times.

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You know that in order to make on time deliveries or to ensure the safety of the crew, that reliability isn’t just a component of a well running system, it is the vital part.

Needless to say when there is a hose that has burst, you realize the number of risks involved for everyone. Rest assured however, there are a variety of automotive and marine coolant hoses to consider for your next repair and to get you back on the road, or water.

First, know the uses. There are different uses of the hoses to consider for general hose assembly or automotive and maritime operation hose repairs. Some of those uses of a hose include fuel filling, bilge ventilation, toilet and bath connections, heating, internal water systems, galleys and drains, wet exhaust and general discharge purposes.

Second, know the types of hoses available. Some of the types of automotive and marine coolant hoses to consider include: OEM heater hose, Bellowsflex hose, Fuel line hose, Coolant hose, Exhaust hose and Air brake hoses. When searching for a versatile hose application that is flexible yet kink-resistant, consider the Bellowsflex hose. The Bellowsflex hose meets SAE J1527 Type A2, USCG 1942F and SAE J2006, R2.

The same hoses that are utilized by such industries as trucking, boating, automotive, construction transportation and equipment are also available for your personal automotive or maritime projects. Look to a hose manufacturer or dealer for assistance if you’re not sure what kind of hose you need.

Dealers are typically certified as reseller’s by the manufacturer if they sell directly for them. Be sure to ask, it could mean the difference between paying more and paying less for the same quality hose.

Even consumers should know about the uses and types of hoses available to ensure they are using the right parts for their project.

For example, regular car maintenance helps to maintain your vehicle’s performance but often times it’s the hoses that are overlooked in the upkeep. For instance, radiator hoses can overheat or collapse, causing major issues with your car. Replacing the hoses and keeping up the maintenance will ensure longevity in your vehicle’s life.

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